Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Who Am I

Iam one among the many Verification Engineers based out of India

As there is enough material on ASIC flows /Testbenches /Scripting  on the web, I would like to share few things on the evolving Verification methodology as UVM from my  methodology experience/training sessions i attended !

As Iam also learning UVM ,  like to learn /explore more things by interacting with other  guys , so feel free to post your comments .  All the material posted here is to give a novice a basic idea about the methodology .  Would like to add more references /examples/books/Q&A  which can be of some help to everyone

Am reading a lot of blogs and thought would have one for myself!

This blog would contain more information on building test benches & on UVM!
 During the course of time, I look forward to organise the content in a much better way


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  1. Good luck! Looking forward to your posts!