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We can hearing about Virtual sequencer , what is the difference between the normal sequencer and the virtual sequencer?

 The difference between the normal & Virtual sequencer are  the sequence items apart from the Virtual keyword.
Virtual Sequencer  does not have its own sequence items , it just coordinates different sequencers and their sequences 

2)I was also asked why we need the create factory method when we already have new ()
  Am trying to find answer for this and would publish it once have more information

  •  Factory is a OOPS coding pattern 
  • Create() is a factory method which construct an object. 
  • To override an object you need to construct it using create().
  •  if you use set_type_override then before run ,factory replaces constructed object with derived object( specified in override). 
  • If we use the  new() then you cant override the object.


3)In which UVM phases does the T/B components are created?

All the T/B components are compiled  initially ,but objects get created or newed during the build phase

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