Sunday, 22 September 2013

Dear Readers

I had a doubt on the uvm_do & uvm_do_with macros and this is what i understand from the UVM discussion forums and posting here as it may be useful for the interviews 

 uvm_do and uvm_do_with macros, the answer is that the second one assumes you need to further constrain your sequence/sequence_item(by providing this constraint as the second macro parameter) before it is get consumed. 

uvm_do does the following  3 things, 
1) create object 
2) object.randomize 
3) send packet 

 uvm_do_with there is only one difference, it calls 'randomize with ' (inline constraints) instead of randomize.

Hope you find it useful

-Happy Reading


Posting on this blog to learn building UVM test benches, UVCs ,UVM VIPs from various online sources/discussion forums/Attended  training/Seminars /Webinars/Interviews. Am JUST sharing here to Learn from the experts and make this small effort better as i believe learning is a continuous process. Due credit goes to the trainers/online resources 

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