Wednesday, 21 May 2014

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Lets talk about the concept of verbosity in UVM, UVM_LOW,UVM_HIGH,UVM_MEDIUM

Lets try to understand this with an example - Think of UVM_LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH as stones of various sizes and take a basic sand filter. If we set the filter size as low , the stone which are  bigger than the size of the filter would not be through .
I.e if the  filter is set to MEDIUM the stones which are LOW/MEDIUM would be through the filter and HIGH would not be there .If we set the filter is set to HIGH then we can see the LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH would be  through.

If we apply the same concept to UVM and set the verbosity as UVM_MEDIUM  in the log file we can see the messages UVM_LOW,UVM_MEDIUM  and UVM_HIGH would be filtered out
The same way if we set the verbosity to UVM_HIGH everything LOW/HIGH/MEDIUM would be present in the log file  JUST think the filter as simulation filter

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