Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Dear Readers

 One of our friends has a question on Custom Phases of UVM. Would try to post as much information (i have) on this and would keep updating this post.

As we all know that UVM phases build,connect, end of elaboration, start of simulation,run, extract, check and report.

 The concept of custom phases is an advertised feature of UVM, if  we want to insert a phase called my_phase  we can do so by the concept of custom phases.

 Lets see how and where this  custom phase(s) i,e my_phase  can be inserted in the UVM phases with an example(coming soon).Would explore more on this and update this post 

Between take a look at an example  of  the UVM 1.2 phase introspection API @

-Happy Reading

Disclaimer: This is a small forum where i keep updating  learnt  from various online resources/People/attended training's and any due credit goes to them-the experts 

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